This Institution was established in 1946 with four branches in Electrical and Electronics, Civil, Mechanical and Metallurgy at Diploma Level. Subsequently, the AICTE New Delhi has approved two more courses in Automobile and Electronics and Communication Engineering at diploma level. At present, Government Polytechnic, Vijayawada, Krishna District is conducting six Programmes in Engineering titled as D.A.E (Diploma in Automobile Engineering), D.C.E (Diploma in Civil Engineering), D.E.E.E (Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Engineering), D.E.C.E (Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engineering), D.M.E (Diploma in Mechanical Engineering) and D.Met.E(Diploma in Metallurgical Engineering). The Institution is conducting two Shifts in D.C.E, D.E.E.E and D.M.E. programmes. Also, the Institution was provided with Technical Skill Development Institute( TSDI) under APSSDC having four Laboratories to train the students in solid Edge Fundamentals, Automotive two wheeler mechanisms, Automotive four wheeler mechanisms, Agro farm Equipment Servicing etc. 13 On Going Infrastructure Development Projects

S.No Name of the Project Estimated Cost Sanctioned Authority
1 Administrative Block 100 Lakhs Government of Andhra Pradesh
2 Repair and Renovation of Girls Hostel 50 Lakhs Government of Andhra Pradesh
3 Gents Toilet Block 7 Lakhs Old Students of GPT, Vijayawada, Hyderabad Unit
4 Bore well and other accesories 1 Lakh Old Students of GPT, Vijayawada, Hyderabad Unit