To empower the students to be technologically proficient, innovative, self-motivated, responsible citizen with human values, high quality skills and significantly contribute towards ever changing Automobile field and also to improve the opportunities in employment and higher learning.


M1: To offer state-of-art education in Automobile Engineering, by providing opportunity to students    to enhance their knowledge and develop skills.

M2: To make the students apply Automobile Engineering concepts creatively in manufacturing, servicing, research & development etc.

M3: To strengthen Industry Institute Interaction by collaborating with industries for training, internships, and industry expert talks.

M4: To nurture higher order leadership qualities, ethics and values in students to enable them to be leaders in their chosen professions while maintaining the highest level of ethics.

Our labs

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Automobile Engineering section has various laboratories including Automobile Lab, Vehicle Diagnostic and Automobile Servicing and Maintenance. Driving Simulator is procured recently to impart Virtual Driving Practice to the Students.

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Automobile Laboratory

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Automobile Servicing and Maintenance Laboratory

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CAD Practice Laboratory & Computing Facility

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Technical Skill Development Institutes lab (TSDI Lab)

Our Events

APRTC Zonal Workshop (04-10-2023)

Kusalava Hyundai (29-08-2023)

Sanghavi CAR Wheel Balancing & Alignment (23-09-2023)

Sai Swarnika Motors (13-09-2023)

Interaction with Industry Experts 4-Wheeler Service

2-Wheeler Service (IC Engine & Electric Vehicle)

Heavy Vehicles

The Brain behind the Wheels (21-11-2023)

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (28-06-2023)

Seminars Advanced Features in Two Wheelers (23-08-2023)

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) (31-10-2023)