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  • Library
Items Description Remarks
Titles Number: 3950
Volumes Number: 22095
Journals Number: 06
Library Space 18.86 mt X 7.62 mt Sufficient
Timings 10.30 A.M to 5.00P.M Sufficient
Accessibility Open access Required 10 Steel Almearahs with Glass Doors Magazines Display Cabinet
Digital Library facility On going Project Create of Data Base Procurement of computers (1 Server +10 nodes) On line Journal Subscriptions Internet facility Library Software Technical Support Attender
  • Internet
Items Description
Name of the internet Provider BSNL
Available Band Width 2 Mbps-12, 4 Mbps-1, 20 Mbps-1  
Wi-Fi availability Yes
Internet availability Departments, Communication lab, Computers Lab, SDC, Office, Principal room, EAMCET hall
Security Arrangements
S.No Facility Training Programme
1 CBT Lab Solid Edge Fundamentals
2 Automotive Two Wheeler Lab Automotive Two Wheeler Training
3 Automotive Four Wheeler Lab Automotive Four Wheeler Training
4 Agricultural Farm Equipment Lab Basic Tractor Servicing
11 Skill Development Center
S.No Training Programme
1 Total Station
2 Proge CAD
3 Polyskills
4 Land Survey
12Modern Teaching Learning Resources
S.No Resource Name Number of Resources
1 Virtual Class Room 1
2 Digital Class Rooms 13