Vision and Mission


To produce excellent technicians to meet the global standards with human values for the need of industry, higher level institutions and society in a larger way.


Producing excellent technicians in the country by correlating needs of the industries with the curricular and co-curricular activities performed by the academic and supporting Staff

M1:  Creating an outstanding infrastructure for enhancement of Knowledge, Understanding, Application, Skills, and behavior of students towards employment, entrepreneurship and higher studies

 M2:  Transparency in admission and evaluation system (Online exam paper, attendance, admission, student support services etc.)

M3:   Promoting the students to increase the teaching and learning experience through E lessons, models and industrial visits.

M4:   Promoting the students to enhance learning experience, work in groups, and acquire team building skills, employability through industrial training.

M5:  Transforming the SSC students to skilled technicians in order to contribute to the socio-economic development and welfare of the society through value based education

M6:  Motivating the teachers for higher learning and innovative activities with social services