Principal's Message

Dr. Moturu Vijaya Saradhi


Education enlightens the minds and empowers people for progress. Further, Technical Education equips people with manifold technical skills so as to develop and bring prosperity and recognition to any nation. It is a well-known fact that technology deepens the quality of life. The role of technology is clearly evident, starting from Politics to probing into planetary system. Polytechnic education is the need of the hour, since it enables students to be competent in learning various facets of technology: both theoretical and practical.

Much emphasis is given now-a-days to hands-on-experience giving a vent to practical utility of the theoretical knowledge learned in the classrooms through digital or virtual mode of teaching with the assistance of tech-savvy team of faculty and well-established modern laboratories. Students, who complete their polytechnic courses, will have a wide variety of employment avenues in the modern job market: in Govt. departments as well as in private sector undertakings at various levels in the professional hierarchy.

They can even become industrial entrepreneurs or self-employed, using the facilities being offered by the Govt. Therefore, students after school education are offered Polytechnic education by the Department of Technical Education, AP through AP-POLYCET every year. Those who are exclusively determined and passionately willing for learning technological knowledge can join in the Polytechnic stream of education. To make your dreams come true, as future technocrats of India, the accomplished faculty, well-equipped laboratories, user-friendly digital and virtual classrooms and the learner-friendly atmosphere of Government Polytechnic, Vijayawada will assist you at all times with no stone unturned.